Vision Information Transaction (VIT) was founded by Bruno Jehle and partner Matina Hämmerli in 2000. The company was so named because Jehle saw the ultimate value of visual and informational content coming not from its production or mere existence but its exchange.

“Without cultural or social vision, pure technology is not interesting,” he said. “Information is the real value, but that value comes only from exchanging that information—the transaction. Only content that is shared offers the world any value.”

Realizing that vision today is VIT’s products:

In June 2022, FotoWare, a global pioneer and innovator in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, acquired VIT and with it the Swiss DAM and Content Management platform Picturepark.

VIT’s headquarters remain in Buchs (near Aarau), Switzerland.

Board of Directors

  • Jostein Vik, Chairman of the Board
  • Anne Gretland, CEO


Vision Information Transaction AG
Industriestrasse 25
CH-5033 Buchs

Tel +41 62 836 40 40